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Innovation Management Services

Having a valuable product is important but it is definitely not enough in today’s competitive market. Especially when dealing with new technologies or disruptive innovations, the support by highly specialized innovation management services is crucial. Innovation management focuses on services that aim to facilitate the market uptake and exploitation of the products and technologies reaching the LightCoce ecosystem.

The Business Modelling and Planning service will analyse the best ways and procedures to capture the value proposition of the product and technology reaching the ecosystem, and it will accordingly suggest the most adequate strategies to successfully commercialize the product. Specific business tools will be used in the analysis, such as Business Model Canvas or SWOT in order to identify the key stakeholders and capabilities, and the analysis will decide upon the best strategy to maximize the success of the product within its relevant market.

This service entails to support in the development of a complete business plan, which summarizes the operational and financial objectives for the future and show how they can be achieved. LightCoce experts coach clients in preparing the lean canvas of their results and in describing in a clear and effective way the business, the products/services, the market, competition, operations and management, and financial estimates. The outcome is to provide support, if the project is mature enough, in accessing risk capital providers and other innovation financing actors. Business opportunities are analyzed considering external market factors, product specifications and barriers. Whereby it is especially crucial to identify all possible market barriers (linked with the PESTLE and SWOT analysis) that the technology may encounter while positioning in the market and having the potential to affect its market penetration.

Behind every successful product or service present in the market today, there is a story of substantial marketability assessment. Marketability assessment is the thorough process of data collection to choose whether the product or the service that is going to come will cater to customers’ needs. Effective marketability assessment can help in getting valuable insights into shifts in the economy, competitors, ongoing market trends, demographics, and the traits of customers’ expenditure. It is one of the vital components to help business with all the essential information and making wise business decisions.

The Marketability Assessment Services provided through LightCoce will facilitate a company to evaluate the Product-Market fit of the upscaled products, testing market attractiveness for the target customers and early adopters, and the degree of competitiveness to respect current players and potential substitutes within the market of action.

The services include:

  • Advisory on potential markets for commercialization and alternative funding opportunities
  • Further consultancy services comprising market analysis studies and project management

Intellectual property protection is critical to fostering innovation. Without protection of ideas, businesses and individuals would not reap the full benefits of their inventions and would focus less on research and development.

On this basis a patent search is offered for mapping the transition between science, technology and market. Same bounds are used for patent data extraction through the commercial software, a patent search engine and analytics portal. Using patent search engine extended patent searches in Global patent libraries such as European Patent Office, USPTO, FPO are conducted. Each patent search follows a multi-level approach on the sector starting by available patents using key words.

During this service, the IP landscape will be evaluated in order to ensure the Freedom to Operate (FTO) in an effort to eliminate the risk of IPR infringement. Furthermore, the service includes providing recommendations on the most appropriate IPR protection method, according to the organization and target product characteristics and market positioning.



LightCoce is a one stop shop providing holistic services for the development of novel concepts in the fields of lightweight concrete, as well as conventional and advanced ceramics. LightCoce services cover the whole value chain from the upscaling of a new product, material or technology to its commercialization.

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